How often to use REM in CSS [closed]

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Problem :

I'm not sure if this is really the right place for this question, so if someone knows of a more appropriate StackExchange site, please share and I will be happy to move the question.

I'm currently trying to make it a habit to use relative measurements for CSS instead of px to accommodate the ever-increasing number of users who have ultra-high resolution monitors i.e. 4K.

In doing so, I got to thinking - should rem be used for everything that would have used px?

I'm currently finding that I'm using rem for border-radius, margin, padding, and font-size. After searching the interwebs for a bit, I couldn't really come up with any sort of guide for what is appropriate to use rem on, so I figured I would ask here - Are there any cases where you wouldn't want to use rem or em as the measurement for a property, but instead use px? Or is it pretty much just commonplace to use rem for everything?

Solution :

rem is relative to the font size defined in the root node while em is relative to the font size of the current node.

I generally use rem for everything except if the value depends on the font size of the current element. E.g. Given two versions of a H2 title: h2 with 40px and h2.large with 45px, then the bottom margin is relative to the size of the h2 element if you used em here.

I would use Pixels for small values such as border-width. The rendering is usually better.

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