selectCheckboxMenu: items are shown with bold font

Tags: css,jsf,primefaces

Problem :

I don't know how to remove the bold property to the font of selectCheckboxMenu items

declared in the .xhtml:

<style type="text/css">
    .ui-selectonemenu-trigger{width:24px !important;margin-left:9px !important;}
    .ui-selectcheckboxmenu-trigger{width:24px !important;margin-left:9px !important;}
    .ui-selectcheckboxmenu-header:before{font-weight:normal;margin-left:10px;content: "Selecciona/Deselecciona todos";}
    .ui-selectcheckboxmenu-label{font-weight:normal !important;}
    .ui-selectcheckboxmenu-header{font-weight:normal !important;}

selectCheckboxMenu declared in the .xhtml:

<p:selectCheckboxMenu  id="adaptacionDiscapacidadSelectOne" 
                       panelStyle="width:500px" filter="false"
                       label="Selec. adaptación/es" style="font-weight:normal !important;"
    <f:ajax event="change" update=":generalform:accordionPanel:form_datosConvocatoria3:customPanel5 @form"
    <f:ajax event="toggleSelect" update=":generalform:accordionPanel:form_datosConvocatoria3:customPanel5 @form"
    <f:selectItems value="#{solicitudMB.listaAdaptacionLabel}"/>

Thank you in advance!

[SOLUTION] by @Geinmachi add this in the CSS .ui-selectcheckboxmenu-panel[id*="adaptacionDiscapacidadSelectOne"] .ui-selectcheckboxmenu-item label { font-weight:normal !important; }

Solution :

Every label in p:selectOneMenu whose id contains phrase adaptacionDiscapacidadSelectOne will not be bold:

.ui-selectcheckboxmenu-panel[id*="adaptacionDiscapacidadSelectOne"] .ui-selectcheckboxmenu-item label {
    font-weight:normal !important;

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