Ascii character codes shown as text in browser [duplicate]

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Problem :

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I run a website that has HTML tutorials on it. I am familiar with the use of ascii character codes like &lt; and &gt; when I am writing HTML tags on my website, but I want to show my users how to write their character codes like this. One of the ones I want to show them is a gap in HTML, represented by &nbsp, but whenever I type it on my HTML document it converts to a space, even though it is in the <code> tags. Is there an alternative that looks the same as &nbsp, but doesn't have any functionality? Maybe with CSS or HTML?

Solution :

&lt; and the like are not ASCII character codes, they're HTML entities.

And to show them, it's quite simple: escape the & by writing &amp; instead, so write &amp;lt; to show &lt;.

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