How do I make cards of different heights fill gap in css? [duplicate]

Tags: css,material-design,flexbox

Problem :

I would like to create a group of cards of varying height, but I have had trouble displaying them so that it does not have extra space below the shorter ones.

I want it to look like this:

enter image description here

What I do not want is to have the cards stretch to fill the space. I want the card below to slide up to fill the space.

Is this possible with pure CSS? If not, how would I do this with Javascript?

Here's something to work with:

.row {
    @include display(flex);
    @include flex-wrap(wrap);

Solution :

I think you need to adopt 'Masonry - Cascading grid layout library' js for creating these type layouts.

Masonry Cascading Grid Layout
Masonry Cascading Grid Layout - Options

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