Meteor: How can I use Spacebars to apply different CSS elements?

Tags: javascript,css,meteor,spacebars

Problem :

I'd like to use a different color for the header of my card. I thought that I could use Spacebars unique {{if condition for it but it seems it only works with boolean variables and not with a condition that is checking for a string:

Here's my code:

{{#if type='ToDo'}}
    <div class="paper-card-header teal-header">
        {{#if type='Info'}}
            <div class="paper-card-header orange-header">
            <div class="paper-card-header pink-header">

I'd like to use the CSS element of teal-header for the condition that type==='ToDo', orange-header for the condition that type==='Info' andpink-headerfor every other value oftype`.

How can I achieve this or is it not possible to do within Meteor?

Solution :

You just need a helper to return the appropriate class:

  headerClass: function () {
    var class = {
      'ToDo': 'teal-header',
      'Info': 'orange-header'
    return class || 'pink-header'

Then in your template:

<div class="paper-card-header {{headerClass}}"></div>

Note that you can also use Spacebars subexpressions with an equals helper like below, but I don't think that's the right option for this situation where there are multiple possibilities:

Template.registerHelper('equal', (x, y) => x === y)

<div class="paper-card-header {{#if (equal type "Info")}}orange-header{{/if}}"></div>

Having a general equal helpers is often very useful anyway though.

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