How to display .toggle or .Animate to all connected browser sessions using Meteor

Tags: javascript,jquery,html,css,meteor

Problem :

But how do you show the interaction of clicking on an element that toggles or animates? The meteor checkers example:

In the example below, I would like for every browser that's connected to the Meteor server to be able to see when one of the other browsers makes the shape change.


<div class="square"></div>
<script src="//"></script>


.square {
  width: 100px;
  height: 100px;
  background: white;
  border: 10px solid black;
  cursor: pointer;



$(".square").click(function() {
    $( this ).toggleClass("circle");

Solution :

You can store click state in Meteor.Collection. Changes in collections propagate reactively for all connected clients. Just create separate document for each square and save state here. Then you can create helper that displays correct class name depending on db items.

For example you can do this this way:

For each chess-table you can create separate document on server side:

ChessTableCell = new Mongo.Collection('chesstablecell');

Then you can store state of each cell in each of this document. So initially you can insert

ChessTableCell.insert({name: 'a1', state: false);
ChessTableCell.insert({name: 'a2', state: false);


And on your client side you have access to cells states like this:

ChessTableCell.findOne({name: 'a1'}).state;

And on click you just need to toggle state of clicked cell. You can do it in a following way:{//or whatever your template is called like
    'click .cell': function(e,t) {
      var cellName = $('name'); //if you specify cell name in your html in data-name attribute
      var cellValue = ChessTableCell.findOne({name: cellName}).state;
      //here you can update the value
      ChessTableCell.update({name: cellValue}, {$set: { state: !cellValue}});

Then state will change reactively on every connected client. Of course you need to reflect those changes in your html like this:

{{#each ChessTableCells}}
  <div class="cell {{#if state}}active{{/if}}" data-name="{{name}}"></div>

And in your client code:

  ChessTableCells: function() { return ChessTableCell.find({}); }

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