How do I override inline CSS with Class CSS? [duplicate]

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Problem :

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I am using jQuery to append an element such as:

var mytop=100;
       .wrap('<div class="action" style="top:' + mytop + 'px;"></div>');

Only mytop is a calculated number. Since the new element has the class action, it should later change the top by adding a class moveup, such as:

$('document').on('click', function(e){

with the CSS as:


The problem is, the inline CSS of the appended <div> overrides the class's CSS. When this newly created item is clicked, it should have its top set at 5px.

How do I override the inline CSS with the Class's CSS?

Solution :

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The !important rule at the end of a value will override any other style declarations of that attribute, including inline styles.

p { 
    font-size: 24px !important; 

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