How to show mixed html and css with angularJS

Tags: html,css,angularjs

Problem :

Let's say I have an string that has both CSS and HTML code like this:

<style>.leaf{ color:#0f0; }</style><h1 class="leaf>Tree</h1>

If I use $sce.trustAs($sce.HTML, mystring), it wont render the CSS. Also you cannot concatenate the "trustAs" functions.

So how can you render everything?

Solution :

Use angular.element to create an element that you can then append the string to.

Then pull the style tags out of the element and append them to the head of page

This would be done in a preprocessor in controller or service before sending to view

Then let angular sanitize the string and the style will already be in page for it.

  var str='<style>.leaf{ color:#0f0; }</style><h1 class="leaf">Tree</h1>';
  // create element to append string to
  var $el= angular.element('<div>');
  var $style = $el.find('style').addClass('sanitized-style');

Remove in destroy of controller

$scope.$on('$destroy', function(){
   angular.element( $document[0].getElementsByClassName('sanitized-style')).remove();


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