How to compile scss to css with node-sass

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Problem :

I have a master.scss with many imports from other .scss files. If I change a * .scss file master.css is generated automatically.

I use only the NPM, no Gulp or Grunt! This should remain so.

My current build script:

"scripts": {
  "watch-sass": "sass --watch src/scss/master.scss:dist/css/master.css"

That's nice but takes a long time to compile!

Now I'm trying to use node-sass. It should compile very fast. Unfortunately, I do not understand it completely ... node-sass is installed, via npm install node-sass

Where do I use the following (from docs)?

var sass = require('node-sass');
  file: scss_filename,
  [, options..]
}, function(err, result) { /*...*/ });
// OR
var result = sass.renderSync({
  data: scss_content
  [, options..]

This is not so in the package.json, right?

Here's a tutorial, what I've read: Using NPM as a Task Runner

The script is good. How can I use it?

"scripts": {
  "sass": "node-sass sass/ -o build/css/"

This will compile all of the sass files (that don't start with an underscore) to the build/css/ directory.

I hope for your help!

Solution :

Maybe this covers your question: How can I transpile/compile sass or scss with node-sass and gulp-sass (based on libsass not Ruby)?

If it's an option for you I would recommend using grunt, it will make things a lot simpler and faster. This grunt plugin is probably the best option:


I followed the tutorial you sent and it's very straightforward. You create a file in your root folder called "package.json" containing the following:

  "watches": {
    "sass": "sass/**"
  "scripts": {
    "sass": "node-sass sass/ -o build/css/",
    "dev": "rerun-script"

You then open the command line in the root folder and run the following:

npm install --save-dev node-sass

The above installs node-sass

You then run:

npm install --save-dev rerun-script

The above creates a watch task so you don't have to rerun node-sass everytime you make changes

And last you run

npm run dev


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