How to apply css mark on videogular time line at specific time

Tags: javascript,html,css,angularjs,videogular

Problem :

I have an html player application where user can search a term ,then its populate the result with the time where those words occurs.On clicking that specific sentence the html player starts playing from that location. But with this functionality I want to add some mark on the videogular time line as we see in youtube .

enter image description here

Like youtube you can see the yellow marker at specific time..same way i want the css marker at the particular location. enter image description here

on right side search box if there is a sentence at 19:00 min then i want to set yellow marker at 19:00 ofvideogular timeline.

on click event of search button:


<button class="btn btn-default side-search" type="button" data-ng-click="inlinSearch()"></button>


var onSearchSuccess = function (response) {
    $scope.inlineSearchResult =;
    $scope.jsonResult = JSON.parse($scope.inlineSearchResult);
$scope.inlinSearch = function () {
    var counterSearch = 0;
    var textSearch = $scope.searchkey.toLowerCase().trim();
    scopraServices.searchWithin(textSearch, videoId)
                  .then(onSearchSuccess, function () {
                      alert("Search Operation failed");

Using ng-repeat I am binding the value on view:

<section class="scroll-content-container">
<article class="scroll-content" data-ng-repeat="sr in jsonResult" data-ng-click="Seek(sr.Location)">
<p ng-bind-html=util.boldText(searchkey,sr.Result[0].Text)></p>

Thanks in advance.

Solution :

Here you have a demo: Full code example:

Basically, add a few cuepoints to Videogular and style them with CSS. You have a directive to show your cue points (vg-scrub-bar-cue-points):


<videogular vg-cue-points="ctrl.config.cuePoints">
    <vg-media vg-src="ctrl.config.sources"></vg-media>

        <vg-time-display>{{ currentTime | date:'mm:ss' }}</vg-time-display>
            <vg-scrub-bar-cue-points class="myCuepoints"
        <vg-time-display>{{ timeLeft | date:'mm:ss' }}</vg-time-display>



vg-scrub-bar-cue-points.myCustomCuepoints .cue-point {
    background-color: aqua !important;

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