How could I add a header to a HTML page via CSS?

Tags: html,css,title,pandoc,heading

Problem :

There is a script that uses Pandoc to produce a HTML representation of an input Markdown file. Assuming that the only control over the HTML representation I have is the specification of a single CSS file, how could I add a site title/header to the HTML?

For example, let's say I wanted to add some very simple heading a bit like the "ATLAS Briefings" bar at the top here, how would I do it in CSS, not in the HTML of the page?:

Solution :

Use the content property in ::after or ::before pseudo-element to add additional text.

You can also position it elsewhere with absolute and top/bottom,left/right properties.

#site-title::after {
  content: "Another Title";
  /* If you need to position it, uncomment and modify the below values
  position: absolute;
  top: -5px; 
  left: 20px */

/* Add below rule if you need to position the additional text w.r.t to the current title */
  position: relative;


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