How make contents as a grid in a ScrollPanel in GWT project using UIBinder

Tags: java,css,gwt,scroll,uibinder

Problem :

I've my GWT project where I have the following view of a list of movies: here

Blue boxes are CompositeWidgets inserted in a ScrollPanel. I would like to obtain a grid (4 columns) and not a line as view. I'm a beginner in CSS, so I don't know how obtain my purpose. Thanks a lot!

Solution :

Wrap your widgets with a FlowPanel, so that the structure will look like:

    <g:FlowPanel styleName="{style.canFitFourOnlyInaRow}">
       // add your blue boxes here

and define a style named canFitFourOnlyInaRow with width equal of 4 widths of your blue boxes + extra margins as needed.

   .canFitFourOnlyInaRow {width: 500px;} /* 500px just for example */

That will make blue box #5 to jump to the next line.

BTW, do you need vertical scroll only?

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