How to make float navbars with JS and CSS?

Tags: javascript,css

Problem :

How can I make my lower navbar to stay in the top when I scrolling down? I mean I want to hide only upper navbar? The lower navbar should take place of upper nav.

I tried to affix function:

    offset: {top: 50}

But my code doesn't work.

Here is my try on jsFiddle:

How can I fix it?


Also I use jquery.bootstrap-autohidingnavbar.min.js

    "showOnBottom": false,
    "showOnUpscroll": false

Solution :

You can always listen for the scroll event, and check the scrollTop value. Once you've reached the 50px threshold, you change the margin-top value:

window.addEventListener('scroll', function(){
    if (document.body.scrollTop >= 50) {
    } else {

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