How to Assemble HTML,CSS and JS with EachOther

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Problem :

In the "See in Action" section you can see the whole code is separated into 3 parts (HTML,CSS and JS). I'm new in working with I know I can put css and js codes inside different files and have a web form which contains html and tags, But really I do not know how I can assemble the codes are shown in above page to get the correct output.

Any help please?

Solution :

Simple straightforward example for a way they can all come together:

      /* PUT YOUR CSS HERE */
     <!-- PUT YOUR HTML HERE -->

This way they all come together at one page, and can affect each other (Css can affect HTML, and JS can affect html & style (which means, it can also change the Css).

Note - the only one you really need in an HTML page is the HTML itself. you could add links to other resources you have written in other files instead of copypasting scripts if you already have the files pre-made, which is probably the better, more orginised approach to this - however the one I've written is more easy to understand if you're a novice, and is probably the best if it's your first time trying all these together. Good luck, new web dev, may the force be with you. (:

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