How to fix these jagged lines?

Tags: javascript,css,antialiasing

Problem :

I want to know is there a way around to fix these jagged lines (edges of a div). I used CSS perspective and rotate to give my tiles block (shown in the image below) a 3d click effect just as happens in Windows 8 Start Menu Tiles.

Rotating the divs onclick causes these jagged lines to appear which is very bad to me and my tiles. Is there a way around this to minimize these jagged lines by any means, CSS, JS, anything?

I am providing a JSFiddle demo below to help you get an idea on exactly how I created my tiles and gave them a 3d look.

This problem is with Firefox only.

Solution :

This website ( seems to offer a relevant solution of adding a border of 1px. So the relevant CSS would be:

img:focus{transform: rotateY(12deg); outline: 1px solid transparent;}

This should make the image rotate 12 degrees on the y-axis on click. However, browser prefixes should be added just to make sure that it is cross compatible as each browser handles the rotations differently.

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