How to regex rotate properties from transform value

Tags: javascript,css,regex,css-transforms

Problem :

Let's say I have a css transform property that looks like this:

scale(1.02, 2.0) rotateX(50) rotateY(20) rotateZ(10) skew(100deg)

I need to remove the substring rotateX(50) rotateY(20) rotateZ(10) from the property AND get the 3 values 50, 20, and 10 as an array

How would you do this using javascript?

Solution :

Try this script:

var txt = 'scale(1.02, 2.0) rotateX(50) rotateY(20) rotateZ(10) skew(100deg)';

var array = txt.match(/\(\d+(?=\))/g).map(function(x){return x.slice(1)});

var new_text = txt.replace(/\).* /, ') ');
document.write('<br>' + new_text);

Hope it helps.

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