How to remove a div with fade out effect in JavaScript?

Tags: javascript,html,css,animation,fade

Problem :

I want to remove a div element on click event but i want to remove it with a fade out effect. I have got some JQuery solution but i need pure JavaScript or css solution.

document.querySelector('.list').addEventListener("click", function(e){
    if ( === "span") {
        var removeTarget =;

This code is removing the div element with no effect. How can i add a fade out effect?

Solution :

There are two ways you can achieve this: CSS3 animation or jQuery animation.

CSS3 Animation

  1. In your CSS document, add:

    .list {
        opacity: 1;
        -webkit-transition: opacity 1000ms linear;
        transition: opacity 1000ms linear;
    • This will make any change of opacity to your item fade by 1000ms.
  2. Change line 4 of your JavaScript to: = '0';
    setTimeout(function(){removeTarget.parentNode.removeChild(removeTarget);}, 1000);
    • This will make your item change opacity to 0, thus making the transition from step 1 have an effect. Then it will remove the item with your code after 1000ms.

Note: Make sure the time of the CSS3 transition and the setTimeout are the same.

jQuery Animation

  1. Get jQuery

    • Go to the jQuery Website and download it, or
    • Add ` in your HTML document before any jQuery code.
  2. Change line 4 of your Javascript to:

    • This will Fade Out your item by 1000ms, you can change this time to whatever you want.

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