How to apply pseudo-element styling to specific class only?

Tags: html,css,placeholder

Problem :

I have input element in html like this:

<input type="text" placeholder="any TEXT" />

And styling in CSS for the placeholder:

::-webkit-input-placeholder { color: red; text-transform: uppercase;}
input::-moz-placeholder {color: red; text-transform: uppercase;}
input:-moz-placeholder {   /* Older versions of Firefox */  color: red; text-transform: uppercase;}
input:-ms-input-placeholder { color: red;   text-transform: uppercase;}

It works fine but, the problem is that it applys this styling to all input elements to on the page, but they suppose to have different placeholder styling. How I can limit this placeholder styling in CSS to specific class - let's say ".placeholder-red" so in HTML I can use it like regular class:

<input type="text" class="placeholder-red"any TEXT" />



I have tried something like this:

.placeholder-red::-webkit-input-placeholder { color: red; text-transform: uppercase;}

and it works, but with ::-webkit-input-placeholder{...} ONLY (meaning that this styling may not work on the other browsers), but how can I apply it to input::-moz-placeholder{...}? I tried things like this - do not work:

.placeholder-red input::-moz-placeholder {color: red; text-transform: uppercase;}

Solution :

You are on the right path as you said with .placeholder-red::-webkit-input-placeholder{...} it worked well.

To apply to the rest of your CSS support, just do this:

input.placeholder-red::-moz-placeholder {
    color: red; text-transform: uppercase;
input.placeholder-red:-moz-placeholder {   
    /* Older versions of Firefox */  
    color: red; text-transform: uppercase;
input.placeholder-red:-ms-input-placeholder { 
    color: rgba(0,5,143,.5);  text-transform: uppercase;

Note that I am using a simple CSS selector: input.placeholder-red then applying the pseudo class onto this selector.

Let me know if this jsFiddle worked well for you.

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