How to center icons in div consistently? [duplicate]

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Problem :

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I am trying to center an icon in my header navigation. I have the basics down but the center changes depending on if there are multiple icons in the same header.

How can I keep the center icon centered even if the left or right icons are removed?

Here is a fiddle demonstrating the issue


<div class="mp-myheader">
        <div class="mp-center-wrapper">
            <i class="mp-icon-hamburger mp-icon-xsm mp-float-left"></i>
            <i class="mp-icon-hamburger mp-icon-xsm"></i>
            <i class="mp-icon-hamburger mp-icon-xsm mp-float-right"></i>

    <div class="mp-myheader">
        <div class="mp-center-wrapper">
            <i class="mp-icon-hamburger mp-icon-xsm"></i>
            <i class="mp-icon-hamburger mp-icon-xsm mp-float-right"></i>


    text-align: center;

.mp-myheader {
    background: #015688 !important;

.mp-icon-hamburger {
    background-image:       url("");

.mp-icon-xsm {
    width: 25px;
    background-size: 25px;

.mp-float-left {

.mp-float-right {

Solution :

Put position: relative; for your headers and for right and left icons: position: absolute; and left: 0; and right: 0;

Fixed that for me.

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