CSS Less changes not showing. Compile or IIS error?

Tags: html,css,iis,compilation,less

Problem :

I have changed my LESS css code directly on the file wich is hosted on server.

But anything I change in this file, -wich I thought was beening loaded on every page request, do not appear visually whenever the page using the styling is loaded.

Now, I understand that LESS is somehow compiled into "raw" CSS in some way, but I do not know exatly how. I imagine this not happening might be the error.

Another idea that I had was about the IIS, wich is pointing to the site. Is it possible that the IIS needs to be refreshed in any way to make the LESS code recompile?

I believe that if I just get the LESS code to recompile itself, it would work fine. What could be preventing me from doing just that?

Solution :

You need to compile .scss files (SASS). If you are using Visual Studio, you need to install Web Essentials 2013.5 extension (link).

If not using VS, there are many good compilers for SASS files including KOALA (link).

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