How can I make my CSS update consistently? [closed]

Tags: javascript,jquery,css

Problem :

When I click on a button my layout falls apart. When I click on a button the CSS breaks apart my layout. How do I update my CSS to layout my divs properly?

$(document).ready(function(e) {
  totalCount = 100;
  for (var i = 0; i < totalCount; i++) {
    var newDiv = document.createElement("div");
    newDiv.innerHTML = "Number " + i;
    var applyClass = "bgColor"; //Identify the class
    document.getElementById("mainContainer").appendChild(newDiv); = "div" + i;
    document.getElementById( = applyClass;
    $('#div' + i).click(callbackFunction());

  function callbackFunction(e) {
    return function() {
      //Remove all instances of css
      for (var i = 0; i < totalCount; i++) {
        $("#div" + i).removeClass('newColor');
div {
  background-color: #ff0;
  padding: 2px;
  font-size: 12px;
  float: left;
  margin-left: 2px;
  margin-right: 2px;
  margin-top: 30px;
  padding: 5px;
  cursor: pointer;
  -webkit-transition: all .5s ease-in-out;
  transition: all .5s ease-in-out
.newColor {
  background-color: #00ffff;
  font-size: 16px;
  margin-left: 6px;
  margin-right: 6px;
  margin-top: 28px;
<script src=""></script>

<body id="mainContainer">


Solution :

You can achive this by removing


and making your div like this.

 div {
        background-color: #ff0;
        word-wrap: break-word;//this one too. incase the word becomes too long.
        display: inline-block;//this one has been added.
        margin-left: 2px;
        margin-right: 2px;
        margin-top: 30px;
        padding: 5px;
        -webkit-transition: all .5s ease-in-out;
        transition: all .5s ease-in-out

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