The UI Designers and Marketing people at my company don't want “awkward line breaks”. How to do with CSS or JS? [closed]

Tags: javascript,html,css,responsive-design

Problem :

I have a technical question. I'm a front-end developer and always get requests about changing

"awkward line breaks"


"too much white space"

or other stuff related to how text of varying lengths wraps onto lines. I'm wondering what CSS and JavaScript I need to prevent text awkwardness. The persons who manage the content want to be able to type any content into the content management system and have it come out non-awkward at every screen size.

Is there a CSS property like

text-awardness: non-awkward


line-break: always-look-perfect

If not, is there a JavaScript library named something like awkfixer.js whereby I can apply a class like

<p class="fix-awkardness">Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssss word is long and so it might cause a visible space if we're not applying word-break</p>


Solution :

It depends what you mean by awkwardness, but hyphenation and line-breaks might help here.

CSS3 supports a property called hyphens.

hyphens: auto;

handling awkward line breaks is a little trickier than a one line fix, but some combination of pseudo elements and margins in your css might do the trick for you.

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