How to find class =“class1” included class=“class2” in CSS? [closed]

Tags: css

Problem :

How to use css_selector find <div class="class2"></div>?

<div class="class1">
        <div class="class2"></div>

I think use css_selector_class find <div class="class2"></div>,How write the css_selector by class?

Solution :

You could use the descendent selector () or be more specific with the child selector > like so

div.class1 > div > div.class2 { . . .} //any div.class2 in a div in a div.class1

div.class1 div.class2 { . . . } //any div.class2 that is a descendent of a div.class1

Per your comment on Tushar's answer, if you want to find a div with both class1 and class2, the selector is like this

div.class1.class2 { . . . } //any div with both class1 and class2

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