how to deselect a css style using javascript?

Tags: javascript,jquery,css,selenium,selenium-webdriver

Problem :

im using selenium to automate some website. There is one dorpdown that is giving me hard time since it it not the native one, cause they used some custom designed one. so I need to set its css class to hidden so I can get to the native one easily.

this is before I clicked on it:

enter image description here

this is after:

enter image description here

so now how do I do it automatically with js? I tried something like this that didnt work :

 var js:JavascriptExecutor = driver.asInstanceOf[JavascriptExecutor]
    js.executeScript("$('.selectpicker select').removeClass('bs-select-hidden')") 


Solution :

You are using the wrong CSS selector: ".selectpicker select" means "the select elements child of elements having the selectpicker class"

you want the select element having the selectpicker class.

execute this javascript :


it will set "display:block" on this element and it will be visible.


from the selectpicker doc ( Hide the custom select & show the native one. As the select has display:none!important we need to force it to show.

There is three way of doing it:

  • remove the specific classes "selectpicker" and "bs-select-hidden" that makes it hidden.

                            .removeClass("selectpicker bs-select-hidden");
  • remove all classes (may break the layout)

  • force display:inline-block (default display value for selects)

                            .css("display","inline-block !important");

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