How to place kartik typeahead above text input

Tags: css,yii,yii2,typeahead.js

Problem :

How to place typeahead results above the text input ? The best for me would be adding an option to this widget or maybe some css rule ?

Solution :

At this moment i finally used jQuery solution in render event of typeahead widget, by modifying css margin-top after each render. Here is the code:

echo Typeahead::widget([
     'pluginEvents' => [
        'typeahead:render' => 'function(event,ui) {

            var ttMenu = $("#search-main .tt-menu").first();
            var ttMenuHeight;

            if($(ttMenu).hasClass("tt-open")) {
                ttMenuHeight = -$(ttMenu).height();
                $(ttMenu).css("margin-top", ttMenuHeight - 70);

'#search-main .tt-menu' is my selector for typeahead input, and this "70" is height of this input so be sure to replace it with your own.

Hope it helps.

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