How do I stop this div's width from decreasing?

Tags: html,css,scroll,resize,overflow

Problem :

I have an HTML table inside of a div. I would like the div's width to be able to decrease dynamically without any of its contents being wrapped and without the height increasing. Instead, I would just like to have a horizontal scroll bar, and no vertical scroll bar.

Here is my JSFiddle demo (Please don't mind the messy HTML - it was generated using ASP .NET MVC Razor).

You can see by my CSS that I tried using overflow-x: scroll on the outer div, but it didn't quite do the trick.

Please let me know how I can stop the div's contents from resizing. Thanks.

EDIT: The contents of the table inside the div are dynamic, so hard coded widths won't work here.

Solution :

As you said, you don't want the content of the table to be wrapped so you can use something like this:

#container table * {
    white-space: nowrap;

And I think you don't need overflow-x: scroll; you can use overflow-x: auto; and overflow will only appear when necessary.

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