How can I apply a vertical scrollbar to a div with a percentage height?

Tags: html,css,css3,responsive-design

Problem :

I've come across numerous question of the similar nature but my situation is a bit different; my outer container is height 100% instead of a fixed height.

I have a bunch of divs inside a container. They overflow and I want to have a scrollbar to allow scrolling.

This is exactly what I want to achieve:

Except, the link I posted has a fixed height: 200px;. I want to have a percentage height instead.

I've tried setting a percentage height and max-height with no luck. Here's my progress:

How do I get both the fiddles to have the same behaviour but with using percentages instead?

Thanks so much

PS. I know this can be done using Javascript/jQuery but I am looking for a CSS-only solution

Solution :

I think you need set your html and body tag with height:100% so you can use percent like you want

html, body {height:100%}


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