How to run a Javascript function on an iframe before the source (src) is loaded?

Tags: javascript,jquery,css,html5,iframe

Problem :

I've asked this question before this one, trying to figure out why I was seeing scrollbars on the a-ads iframes, on this website, while some swear they didn't see them! Hence, I have discovered that the appearance of the iFrame scrollbars is by execution order. And with faster or slower computers, results may vary.

I realize that I have to replace scrolling="no", a strong (but unsupported in HTML5), attribute that forces no scrollbars on iframes, with a JavaScript, or CSS alternative. However, the CSS overflow:hidden; is too weak to override whatever style the iframe's source may contain (e.g. overflow:scroll, overflow:auto, etc.). So the solution must be with JavaScript.

The caveat however, is that the javascript must activate after the iframe itself is loaded, but before the source (src="") is loaded. Because if scrolling="no" is replaced after the source is loaded it has no effect on the outcome of the iframe display. Though, if it is place before the <iframe> tag markup is reached, how does the JavaScript know what to modify? It is as good as not present at that point.

One More Problem: The source can't be stripped from the <iframe> tag, and replaced in JavaScript. We've tried that, and while it worked....sort of... we lost ad impressions and clicks into a black hole, because the spider (i.e. bot) at a-ads couldn't, or had problems with, detecting the proper a-ads code on the webpage. But if we left it in the iframe and just reloaded the source after scrolling="no" was set, then that would result in double ad-loads (i.e. invalid impressions).

This is a real pickle!

All the Einsteins of the world - You're Needed!

Also, this S.O. question doesn't apply.


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Solution :

This issue has now been solved, for now, I think. Here is the solution:


    <script type="text/javascript">

    function noScrollBarsOnAAdUnit( ElementID )

        document.getElementById( ElementID ).setAttribute("scrolling", "no");       
        return true;





    <script type="text/javascript">noScrollBarsOnAAdUnit( 'aa-unit-top-center' );</script>
    <iframe id='aa-unit-top-center' style='width:468px;height:60px;' class='a-ads-frame' data-aa='[ad-id]' src='[ad-id]?size=468x60'>
        <!-- iframe fallback message here -->
    <script type="text/javascript">noScrollBarsOnAAdUnit( 'aa-unit-top-center' );</script>


Fellow S.O. members, please, check this page, to assure this fix is consistent, and really works at least 99.99%, if not 100%, of the time.


-James A.

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