Font not showing properly in HTML page

Tags: html,css,fontfamily

Problem :

I'm using two font family, 1. "Open sans" 2. Colvetica . I'm facing this kind of problem with these fonts.

1) I use open sans like this " font-family: 'Open Sans'; " in CSS file. It works only those computer who has open sans installed. But in mobile this is not working at all.

2) For colvetica, I used that but not working. I don't know how to to use that. I use colvetica font file but same issue. How to use this font ?

I need opensans and colvetica in same page . like colvetica for , and opensans for

Solution :

You need to import by Google fonts or with @font-face.

In Google fonts you can use import by HTML or CSS:

On your HTML:

<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

On your CSS:

@import url(;

If you can't find you font on, you can create your own font face kit: (you can generate everything, including the css code to embed font), so not all fonts can be converted. See the path to make it in the correct url

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