How should I set a custom style on a object that is a gwt component?

Tags: java,html,css,gwt,web-development-server

Problem :

I am using Java (Eclipse) and for the web development I use gwt. The object that I want to change (loader) has a default font-size. It also has a method named setHtml(String). I have almst no knowledge on on HTML and CSS and how should I integrate such files in java code. I've been told that I should write something like: loader.setHTML("<span class = 'something>'" +.... ) What this something should be? Does it have to be an .css file and just the path to it?

Solution :

There are two ways to do that.

First, you can define the rule in CSS. You do need to learn HTML and CSS for web development - no way around that.

Second, you can set a particular CSS property directly in your code:

loader.getElement().getStyle().setFontSize(24, Unit.PX);

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