How can I implement dynamic styling for ion-list elements with AngularJS?

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Problem :

I have an Ionic-framework app that has a list of messages. There are 4 types of messages, and depending on the type the message should be displayed on the list with a particular color in the left border.

The question is, how do I indicate the CSS color depending on the type of message?

The HTML looks like this:

<ion-content class="ionc">
  <ion-list class="list">
    <ion-item ng-repeat="mensaje in mensajes" class="listitem" ng-click="abrirMensaje($index)" 
    on-hold="mostrarMenu(mensaje, $index)">
      <h2><b>{{ mensaje.hid }}</b></h2>
      <h3>{{ mensaje.alert }}</h3>
      <p class="cont">{{ mensaje.mens }}</p>
      <p class="fecha">{{ mensaje.fecha }}</p>

The CSS looks like this if I fix every message to have the same color (red):

.buzon-page .item-complex .item-content, .listitem {
  border: 4px;
  border-left-style: solid !important;
  border-left-color: red !important;

How can I change CSS coloring dynamically with AngularJS?


After modifying the code with the help of the first answer the color borders appear but they do not move with the items, that should as they have an ion-option-button applied to them.

This is the new HTML:

<ion-content class="ionc">
<ion-list class="list">
    <ion-item ng-repeat="mensaje in mensajes" 
    ng-class="mensaje.tipo == 'Promocion' ? 'clasePromocion': 
              mensaje.tipo == 'Aprobado'  ? 'claseAprobado' : 
              mensaje.tipo == 'Alerta'    ? 'claseAlerta'   : 
              mensaje.tipo == 'ATM'       ? 'claseATM'      : 'default'" 
    on-hold="mostrarMenu(mensaje, $index)"

    <h2><b>{{ mensaje.hid }}</b></h2>
    <h3>{{ mensaje.alert }}</h3>
    <p class="cont">{{ mensaje.mens }}</p>
    <p class="fecha">{{ mensaje.fecha }}</p>

    <ion-option-button class="button-positive" ng-click="mostrarMenuComp($index)">
    <ion-option-button class="button-assertive" ng-click="mostrarMenuElim($index)">


And this is the new CSS:

.clasePromocion {
  border-left: solid 6px #0078ff !important; /* azul */

.claseAprobado {
  border-left: solid 6px #faaf40 !important; /* amarillo */

.claseAlerta {
  border-left: solid 6px #ee4036 !important; /* rojo */

.claseATM {
  border-left: solid 6px #00a551 !important; /* verde */  

.default {
  border-left: solid 6px white !important; /* blanco por defecto */

So, the issue now is how to make the color borders move with the list items? Here is a capture of the problem:

Solution :

If you have 4 types of messages, you can leverage ngClass to craft something similar to the following, where you'll map a class to the particular message you are interested in. In this case, I have a made up property called type, with values of A B C D and an extra E for demo purposes. Of course, this is a simplistic example - but the foundation here can be easily absorbed into your project specifics

    ng-repeat="msg in messages" 
    ng-class="msg.type == 'A' ? 'classA' : 
              msg.type == 'B' ? 'classB' : 
              msg.type == 'C' ? 'classC' : 
              msg.type == 'D' ? 'classD' : 'default'">{{ msg.text }}</span>

$scope.messages = [
    { 'type': 'A', 'text': 'message' },
    { 'type': 'B', 'text': 'message' },
    { 'type': 'C', 'text': 'message' },
    { 'type': 'D', 'text': 'message' },
    { 'type': 'E', 'text': 'message' } // -- will be .default

.classA { border-color: dodgerblue; }

.classB { border-color: tomato; }

.classC { border-color: limegreen; }

.classD { border-color: orange; }

.default { border-color: purple; }

JSFiddle Example

For a more complete example that targets ion-item elements directly, the suggestion above just needs slight CSS modification. Since you expressed you wish to have the border move with the ion-item, apply the style rule to the child <a> tag. Here is a possible solution

.classA a { border-left: solid 4px dodgerblue !important; }

.classB a { border-left: solid 4px tomato !important; }

.classC a { border-left: solid 4px limegreen !important; }

.classD a { border-left: solid 4px orange !important; }

.default a { border-left: solid 4px purple !important; }

CodePen link - working example with <ion-item> elements

Image Sample - target <a> tags to "move" with entry

Upon further investigation, In certain emulation environments, an <a> tag does not get rendered as a child element of <ion-item>. However, the immediate child element will have a class of .item-content e.g. <div class="item-content">. In this case, let's change our CSS to target this class instead of a specific child element.

.classA .item-content { border-left: solid 4px dodgerblue !important; }

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