iOS How to access Library in CSS Url's?

Tags: javascript,ios,css,cordova

Problem :

I have multiple images that are fetched from an API and recorded like


In javascript-side, I used to display images using DOM elements and CSS properties using

<cover><img src="images/marble.png"/></cover>

However, now that I am using the Library folder (because it's forbidden to write in app bundle), I cannot access those images in the Library through CSS url directly. How to reference them in this case?

Solution :

I resolved the issue by setting the path directly. I get it from:

 window.resolveFileSystem(cordova.file.dataDirectory, function(dir){

In CSS, both

<img src="dir.nativeURL/path/to/image.png"/>


<cover style="background-image: url(dir.nativeURL/path/to/image.png)"></cover>

works ok.

Note: Actual setting of CSS is not handled this way, I left off the implementation details here just to say this works

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