How to override css attribute-only style

Tags: css,css3

Problem :

I have a page that I need to modify some behavior. The element that I'm working on has a [attribute] directive, like this:

<div class="someClass" myAttributeDirective></div>

The myAttributeDirective has it's own css page that defines some styling, like this:

[myAttributeDirective] {
/* a few different properties */
border: 1px solid red;
position: relative;

/* then some more class stylings related to the directive */

So you see, in the css, it's defining some styles for JUST the attribute, so if the attribute exists in any element, apply those stylings.

When I view my element in Dev tools, it doesn't look quite right. In order to "fix" it, I un-check one of the css properties that is causing my issue, the position: relative;.


I can't change the "core" css for that directive, because it's used throughout the application. AND, if I try to override that property, it doesn't work (actually, cycling through the different position: * options only leads to making things look worse).

So, how do I override that specific property, without changing the core css file?

Solution :

If you want to override style in any case irrespective of which order style is applied, consider applying style inline in the div.

<div class="someClass" myAttributeDirective style="position:absolute;"></div>

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