CSS Icons are working locally in the app, but are not showing on Heroku?

Tags: php,css,cakephp,heroku,web-deployment

Problem :

So I have this app, just deployed on Heroku: http://jobsboardd.herokuapp.com/

And as you can see, instead of some fancy icons there are some strange symbols(rectangle)? I know it's a common thing with ruby apps, and I couldn't find anything related to php.

And according to the html code, every css file is loaded as it should. So what can be causing it and how i can fix it?

Solution :

As I've check in the site's code, you are using HTML Kickstart Toolkit. The Icons that you are looking for belongs to another plugin called font-awesome. See if all the files in the css and fonts are accessible and mapped correctly. I've noticed when I check in the browser's developer console that this image is missing so its possible others are not accessible as well.

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