How do you right-align text into a column?

Tags: html,css

Problem :

I'm trying to shove a paragraph on my page to the very right like it is in this image: Right-Align

I want a large, left-aligned title with a small right-aligned paragraph on a page. So far, I can't get the CSS make it look anything like this but I'm guessing it isn't too difficult. Any ideas on how to go about doing this?


.rectangle-container .title {
color: $white;
margin: 0 .5em;
padding: 1em 0 0 3em;
font-family: OpenSans, "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
text-shadow: 0 2px 1px rgba(0, 0, 0, .5);

.rectangle-container p {
    color: $white;
    text-align: right;

.rectangle-container .title is my title and naturally left-aligns, but .rectangle-container p comes up seemingly right-aligned, however it doesn't stack the text at all and ends up spanning the entire page.

Solution :

You can do this with left side margin on your text <p> block.

So you set your text to be justified, and right align the whole block with a large left side gap, which combined with the width of the text fills the container.

.rectangle-container p {
color: $white;

I would think that using padding would not work as well as by default padding is contained within the width attribute, whereas margin is outside the width. If the above example is substituted padding for margin, the padding would be a percentage of the 30% width, which would be clearly incorrect.


  • This solution works as long as Width + margin + padding + border = 100% of container. So if down the line you add a padding or a border then you should adjust the other values accordingly. Browsers will accept these values but occasional browser behaviour can be a bit unexpected if the sum of these elements is above 100% width of the container box.
  • As a general guide try to avoid odd number values for percentage widths.
  • You can use CSS3 calc(); values to get dynamic values for the p elements content width CSS.

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