How to add links to tabbing order when they're made visible with CSS?

Tags: javascript,html,css,drop-down-menu,accessibility

Problem :

Links that are subject to display: none aren't in the default tabbing order. However, when they're revealed - e.g. CSS for a drop-down menu reveals a sub-menu when a parent link gains focus - they still aren't in the tabbing order. Presumably JavaScript is required, but simply setting tabindex="0" does nothing.

Solution :

The problem here is that as soon as you tab off the "Top level page with child" link, the CSS is updated and the parent of the anchor becomes display:none before the anchor can receive focus. You will need to use JavaScript to solve this problem and delay the change in the CSS using a timeout until you can determine whether the loss of focus has resulted in the focus shifting to the child element.

Setting tabindex="0" when the parent is display:none will not help, display:none means that the content might as well not be in the document.

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