how to number questions using class in CSS

Tags: html,css,css-counter

Problem :

I have created a list of questions and plan to add more in the future. I want to number the questions using CSS for example each question is in a section as given below.

<section class = "question">The Question</section>

Is there any way to number them automatically using the "question" class ??

Solution :

Yes, you can with the :before pseudo-element and CSS counters:

body {
  counter-reset: section;                   /* Set the section counter to 0 */
section.question::before {
  counter-increment: section;               /* Increment the section counter*/
  content:  counter(section) ": "; /* Display the counter */
<section class="question">The Question</section>
<section class="question">The Question</section>
<section class="question">The Question</section>
<section class="question">The Question</section>

You can read more about CSS counters at and

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