CSS: How to move contents of one div into another one

Tags: css

Problem :

I'm moddifiyng a webpage through css styles and I got stuck trying to join two divs.

<div class="grid_0">
 <div class="grid_0">
  <div class="wallpaper" itemtype="xyz""></div>
  <div class="wallpaper" itemtype="xyz""></div>
  <div class="wallpaper" itemtype="xyz""></div>
 <div class="clear"></div>
 <div class="grid_0"></div>
 <div class="clear"></div>
 <div class="grid_0">
  <div class="wallpaper" itemtype="xyz""></div>
  <div class="wallpaper" itemtype="xyz""></div>
  <div class="wallpaper" itemtype="xyz""></div>

The main container has a flex property (because I want the width of the page to flex with different display resolutions “out there”) and 100% width.

I want to merge the contents of FIRST and LAST grid_0 divs, but between them lay three other divs: two spacers and an add box (the one in the middle). Notice that the div in the middle (the add box) shares the same ID with the ones I want to merge.

Hiding the two spacers and the add box (using the :nth-child property) didn't do the trick..

Here's a “diagram” that shows the layout.

How can I move the three thumbs in the last grid_0 into the first grid_0 through CSS?

EDIT: I suspect this isn't doable through CSS.. I might need to use a java script.

Solution :

you can not manipulate the DOM with CSS, you need JS or something similar. You will need to try something like this:

$("#id-of-first-element").append( $("#id-of-last-element") );

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