how to drag and drop css file in eclipse?

Tags: html,css,eclipse

Problem :

I'm new to elipse php. i have used dream viewer for my php development before moving to the eclipse. So, i need to know when i drag and drop the css file into html editor, it needs to auto genarate the <link> tag for that css file. It worked with dream viewer. But its not working with eclipse. And, also when i need to use css classes inside html tag it needs to type the css class name.But, instead that i need to know how to config that to all the css class as suggestion for html tags, like in dream viewer and netBeans.

Solution :

First of all Eclipse is not an IDE, it's a platform you can build IDEs (or any other application). There are several implementations for different languages. Most popular one which is actually the origin of Eclipse is Java IDE. There is also a plugin/feature for PHP development, called PDT.

DreamViewer is a specialized WYSIWYG editor for web development (mostly around HTML/CSS/Javascript) that includes support for different web scripting languages. It has some special properties as you mentioned, that can create a link element when you DnD.

What you can do is request a new feature from PDT team, that creates a link element to the dropped file inside a HTML document.

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