How can I allow resizable() to increase size beyond initial size?

Tags: javascript,jquery,css,jquery-ui

Problem :

Is there a way to decouple css's max-height and max-width from the limits used by JQuery-UI's resizable()?

I have a div that, when initially created, should be limited in size:

.my-div {
  max-width: 40em;
  max-height: 50%;

I want it to be resizable beyond its initial size, but unfortunately resizable() seems to use these attributes to also determine the maximum size for resizing. Trying to override that by passing maxHeight and maxWidth options doesn't work. Is there a way to solve this, or some other-work around that will allow me to limit the initial size of the div and later on allow it to increase via resizable()?

I've found an identical question on, but it's unanswered there.

A small reproducing jsfiddle - how can I allow resizing the div to see the ".com" suffix, while keeping only the "stackoverflow" word visible at first?

Solution :

I ended up just implementing the "maximum" logic on the div manually to limit its size, instead of relying on max-width:

if ($div.width() > limit) $div.css('width', limit);

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