Chrome DevTools Converts All HEX Colors to RGB: how to stop?

Tags: css,google-chrome,colors,google-chrome-devtools

Problem :

Recently, Chrome DevTools has begun converting all elements' HEX colors to their RGB values, regardless of whether that HEX color is set in CSS or through the DevTools itself.

I am aware of the shift+click method of converting colors to other formats, but I find this inconvenient. I am wondering if anyone knows how to stop this from happening?

This only recently happened (about a month ago), so I also cannot determine the cause. It's possible that this is some side-effect from a personal Chrome::flags setting or included via update as Google's way to push developers away from using colors. Is this happening to others as well?

Solution :

Click the gear icon on the Web Inspector panel. Go to Elements > Color format, and select the option you wish to have, "As authored" is the default value.

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