How to apply page css to a polymer component

Tags: html,css,css3,polymer

Problem :

I want my polymer component to use styles from 'normal' stylesheet. So I added shim-shadowdom to the style and /deep/ to the class, like this:

    <style shim-shadowdom>
      .mylink /deep/  {color: orange;}

and then component:

<polymer-element name="my-link">
   <a class="mylink" href="#">xxx</a>

But this doesn't work neither in chrome - the link still has its usual color - no in ff and ie - the links are orange there, but they are orange even without /deep/ or shim-shadowdom.

The question - what am I doing wrong here?

Polymer version - 0.5.5.

PS: except styling, polymer works as expected - all components are shown up, ajax sends its requests and so on.

Solution :

You're going to need my-link /deep/ .mylink

Edit: Also, surround the <a> with a <template> element. Make sure your element is imported!

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