How to move stacked columns up (using bootstrap but any css will do)

Tags: html5,css3,twitter-bootstrap-3

Problem :

Looking to have column [3] move up when [2] is taller than [1]



Here is a bootply of the layout :

There is empty space between column [1] and [3] and I would like to have column [3] move up.

(just fyi, column [4] is already styled to move up under column [2])

thank you

UPDATE: In mobile view, the columns need to stack (same as the booply):





UPDATE 2 I am still working on solving this issue, and a solution has not yet been figure out.

Solution :

Unfortunately there was no working solution submitted (I was hoping for a css only solution). I ended up finding a solution using jQuery masonry:

If you prefer, you can write your own custom JavaScript to handle your specific needs (if the full masonry logic is overkill)... but it seems JavaScript logic is required to compensate for the "gap(s)"... Here is a working sample of the original bootply example: Tip: For the masonry logic, you can set your columnWidth value to be the smallest column width/class - for me that was .col-md-4 - when the column widths are not all the same.

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