How to use javascript to trigger a css event for a collection of elements that have the same class/name

Tags: javascript,css,events

Problem :

says it all really in the title I have this javascript

 $(this).toggleClass("flipOutX")  ; 

I have some html dfined boxes called "tile" and the problem here is that when i click an individual tile the flipoutx function works but only the tile I have clicked....

How can I make this work for all my tiles that are all called "tile" and not just the one tile I have clicked ?

Solution :

Try ...

$(".tile").click(function(e) {

The change of the $(this) (single tile) to $(".tile") (collection of elements) is what allows for all tiles to move when one is clicked.

Simple change in what you are referencing. Instead of referencing the .tile clicked with this, you need to reference the tile(s).

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