This should be simple but want to do it right. CSS display:none; how to turn back on according to @media

Tags: css,mobile,screen,media

Problem :

Hello I have css code that displays css div's according to screen size.

problem is that some browsers are not supporting the @media properly

so I want to turn off DIV's out of the box

.s2 {



so how could I turn .s2 back on with this

@media handheld, screen and (max-width:769px) and (min-width:513px) {

.s2 {


whould this work just fine and what is the default display property I need to set it back to? block?

Thanks for your help


Solution :

Depends how you want to display the item. You could use display: block, or display: initial if you want to display the divs initial state. More display options found here :

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