How To Remove Scroll Bars? & Auto Scroll?

Tags: javascript,css,.net,awesomium

Problem :

I want to remove scroll bars from web control.

In visual studio defualt web browser you can easily remove scroll bars like this.

Public Sub loadVideo(pLink As String) 

           WebBrowser1.ScrollBarsEnabled = False   

End Sub

but i dont know how to do this on web control.

If there isn't a way to do this on web control, is there javascript or CSS code i can put to my webpage to achieve those two things?


Solution :

I haven't used Awesomium, but it's probably best to remove the scrollbars in CSS. Even if the whole outer web control/page has no scrollbars, the page can have an element in it that takes up all or almost all of the view area and does have scrollbars.

It depends if you want to just hide the graphical scrollbar or disable scrolling. The usual way to stop an element scrolling is to use the CSS overflow property, like so:

/* Disable scrolling on body */
body {
/* Optionally, disable scrolling on everything (not recommended because it's too strong) */
* {

There's more information searching "css remove scrollbars" or in this previous answer.

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