How not to display / filter out special characters? (CSS or Javascript)

Tags: javascript,css,angularjs,hide,special-characters

Problem :

I'm getting HTML content from a JSON file. The JSON file returns attributes name and description.

The name is clean data, like "Cheese burger". But the description looks like this ["Mozarella","Pepperoni","Cheese","Beef","Ketchup"].

Is it possible to tell CSS not to display the special characters: [",

Is it possible to filter out the special characters with javascript / AngularJS?

Solution :

You can use replace() with regexp to replace special characters type by type :

var descriptionString = '["Mozarella","Pepperoni","Cheese","Beef","Ketchup"]';

var cleanBracketsLeft = descriptionString.replace(/\[/g, '');
var cleanBracketsRight = cleanBracketsLeft.replace(/\]/g, '');
var cleanQuotes = cleanBracketsRight.replace(/\"/g, '');
var cleanComma = cleanQuotes.replace(/\,/g, ' ');

//Result Mozarella Pepperoni Cheese Beef Ketchup

See live exemple

See also a Regular Expression tutorial

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