How to create animated element that follows browser like on [closed]

Tags: jquery,css3,animation,orientation,tilt

Problem :

How to create animated element that follows browser like on ?

I tried looking at there html code but there is just a transition on the div that holds the ipad background image. I have been unable to figure out what css/ js is causing this effect making the ipad turn and follow the visitors mouse location ( left and right pan )

Solution :

you can do this by setting the transform property of an element on mousemove.

Like so:

var $window = $(window),
    $box = $('#box')
    rotation = 0;

$window.on('mousemove', function(event){    
    rotation = (event.pageX/$window.width()*90) - 45;
    $box.css('transform', 'perspective( 600px ) rotateY(' + rotation + 'deg)');

see the fiddle

it will work in newest chrome and ff. note that you may use browser prefixes for the transform attribute (-webkit-, -moz- ...). it depends on your supported browsers.

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