How to style a PHP generated label?

Tags: php,html,css

Problem :

I have this IF clause snippet from a PHP script that is basically a small search engine:

    $search_term = trim($_REQUEST['search']);
    if(strlen($search_term) <= 0){
        $website_search_dynamic -> error($website_search_dynamic->label("Please enter a search query."),true);
    }else if(strlen($search_term) < $GLOBALS['_SEARCH_MIN_CHARS']){
        $website_search_dynamic -> error($website_search_dynamic->label("Sorry, you must enter at least %d characters in your search query",$GLOBALS['_SEARCH_MIN_CHARS']),true);
    $website_search_dynamic -> search($search_term);

How do I add CSS styling to the two labels? For example, I would like either error message to be displayed in a centered div. Nothing too fancy.


Solution :

You could just do:

if(strlen($search_term) <= 0){
$error[] = "Nope";

And then wherever you want in your html, put:

if(!empty($error))  {
   echo "<div align='center' class='foo'>" . $error [0] . "</div>"; 

And style the class however you want.

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