How to insert instance variable as css rule in Rails?

Tags: css,ruby-on-rails,ruby

Problem :

Let's say I've got AR class:

  store :skin_properties, accessors: [

Which save values in this way:

{"background_color"=>"#f2f2f2", "font_size"=>"20px", "font_family"=>"Verdana", "color"=>"#000000"}

How can I insert it in edit.haml file as inline css?

I tried something like this, but it's not working ...

    -@user.skin_properties.each_with_index do |(k,v)|

Solution :

Thanks everybody, came up with something like this:

- css = {|k,v| "#{k.dasherize}: #{v};" }.join("\n")
%style== body { #{css} }

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